Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just For Fun

These pictures were taken in the spring, but thought you might enjoy them anyway!


Climbing on her own, much sooner than her brother ever wanted to! 

Starting to enjoy climbing

Slide hair

In case you're wondering, the red spot on his head is where he gave himself a run burn.

a pretty cute shot

silly face's are always a hit

checking out Dad's office

More silly faces

My two handsome men

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Two Sports for Two Kids

This is what the kids were up to this spring…

Sports camp
(there were 5 different sports the kids got to play but I didn't get pictures  at all of them)
Cade loved it!

Sporting his Jazz jersey from Uncle Jaque

Avoiding the traffic under the hoop

Brett captured this shot perfectly! (Pretty good, huh?!)

Swimming lessons

Cade came to every lesson and waited patiently on the side, even when Brett wasn't there.

Happy to be there!

Her favorite part - jumping in!

Front kick

And a little track and field

Waiting patiently for the baton

Monday, September 2, 2013

Trip to McCall

In July we met my family in McCall, ID for a vacation and I think I'm safe to say that fun was had by all! It had the perfect mix of activities and relaxation and we all had a hard time going back home. We can't wait to go again!

One of the best parts for us was being able to see my family after 3 1/2 hours of driving, rather than 11!
 Can you see that happy face!

Upon arrival, the kids were showered with goodies.
I think it's pretty safe to say that McCall felt like she made out like a bandit! 

Both kids LOVE that several aunts and uncles have "fun" phones
(unlike Mom's cool flip phone), and McCall had double the fun in her new "pretty dress," as she calls it. It makes her dance better.

These two should probably live by a beach

The water was fine unless someone dunked you in it

It didn't take her long to get used to it though!

McKinlee not only had fun, but did it in style!

Nothin' better than dads

This made me laugh because I have a very similar childhood picture. I too, do not like sand in between my toes. 

What's vacation without a nap?

What a view

Family pic

Two matching girls
(Well, almost - McKinlee lost one pony tail at some point in the evening:)

Brotherly love - kind of

"Climb every mountain…"

This is a good depiction of our little girl - running everywhere she goes!

Cade wanted to race everyone up and down this hill

McCall thought it was SO funny to put Jaque's hat on.
Love this picture.

Family bike ride
(we all went but not everyone can be seen)

Our little mushroom heads

Little buddies

We had lots, and Lots, and LOTS of ice cream!

Cade couldn't get enough of his version of beach volleyball.
(Just when you thought you'd figured out the rules, he'd change them, or your team, or your "goal line", etc.)

Grandma with the girls

Trying to get warm

Can't wait for the next trip! Love you all!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Family Comes to Town

Back in May, we had family come to town. As always, there was lots of fun to be had, and we hope they can come back soon!
Happy Birthday Grandma Larsen!

Enjoying every bite of Grandma Larsen's cinnamon rolls!

Play-dough fun

Dad and Uncle Lance were successfully getting Cade addicted to video games

Grandma was nice enough to entertain McCall with one of her  favorite pass-times

Brett's cousin Dallin came home from his mission. Welcome home Dallin!

A little four-wheeling on a friend-of-the-family farm

Happy to be in a helmet
He wears it for all things fun - four-wheeling, bike riding, even baseball!

Playing at the park with cousins



Little climber

Just monkeying around


These two have had a long time infatuation with belly buttons

Trying to earn "favorite aunt" status ;)

Telling little boy stories

Every once in a while, I have proof that I was there!

A little conversation with grandma

It took A LOT of coaching to get Cade through the spider web...

…Dad crossed them first...

…then Cade finally made it!

The kids sported their best 'staches with Grandpa
(Kent got them for his birthday)

Kent's not a cake fan, so he got chocolate-dipped Rice Krispy treats instead.
Happy Birthday little buddy!